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Tourist business in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Monday, March 29
Despite some political unrest in Georgia in 2009 16% more foreign tourists visited the country. Most came from neighbouring countries, in particular from Azerbaijan, attracted by the Adjara seaside and winter skiing, in Bakuriani in particular. Turkey sends the second highest number of tourists, who appear to be coming mostly to gamble in the Batumi casinos, and third Armenia.

Last year more than 60,000 tourists from Armenia visited the Adjara seaside. Quite a number of winter sports tourists come to Georgia from Ukraine and the Baltic States. Western European tourists are mostly interested in cultural and adventure tourism.

European tourists enjoy visiting Georgia in autumn to observe the gathering of the grape vintage at Rtveli, watch how Churchkhelas are made attend Georgian feasts and so on. The problems foreign tourists cite in Georgia are high hotel prices and poor sanitation systems, however some steps are being made in these directions.