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Georgia promoting big business

By Messenger Staff
Monday, March 29
It is understood everywhere that promoting small and medium-sized businesses is absolutely necessary for the welfare of a country. Georgian officials have acknowledged this publicly but done little to make it happen.

Official statistics state that more than 80 % of production in Georgia comes from big enterprises, whereas medium-sized enterprises account for 7% of it and small ones around 7%. Around 322,000 people are employed in Georgian enterprises, of which 62% are in big enterprises, around 20% in medium-sized ones and around 18% in small ones. Analysts think that this situation is alarming, as the relative number of small and medium-sized businesses here is four times smaller than in European Union countries. The State must intervene and seriously support such businesses, they say.

With elections approaching administration representatives are again saying that small and medium-sized businesses should be promoted and supported, however nothing much is actually being done so far.