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Monday, March 29
CNN to produce I-List cycle on Georgia

CNN International will show an I-List cycle of programmes and reports about Georgia from 1 April. According to, the corresponding advertisement was shown by CNN on Saturday.

The programmes about Georgia will talk about innovations in Georgia. Previously CNN has shown I-List cycles about France and Bahrain.

As a rule, journalists visit the country concerned before preparing their programmes and obtain interviews from the authorities, businessmen, sportsmen and cultural representatives.

Education regulations to be relaxed for foreigners

It will become easier for foreign citizens and people without citizenship to obtain a general education in Georgia. The corresponding amendment will be made to the law ‘On General Education’.

Under the bill a foreign citizen will now pay 375 GEL for a standard voucher which will obtain them a general education. The law had not taken into account non-Georgian children until now.

The Ministry of Education and Science has drafted this bill.

Georgian Speaker meets members of US Congressional delegation

A delegation of US Congressmen is visiting Georgia. David Price, member of the House of Representatives, is leading the delegation, which is visiting Georgia within the framework of the Partnership for Democracy Programme.

Its members held a behind closed doors meeting with the Speaker of the Georgian Parliament which lasted about an hour. After this Davit Bakradze said that the sides had discussed all the important issues in US-Georgian relations.

"The Speaker described very well the project in which we are engaged. It is a partnership, a mutual endeavour involving the Georgian Parliament and the US Congress, designed to strengthen our respective democratic institutions to make them responsive to all of our people to bring the diverse groups in our societies and the conflicts of our societies into the legislative hall, so that peaceful solutions can be reached and consensus can be achieved," US Congressman David Price said. He added that the US is grateful to Georgia for its contribution to the international missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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Minesweeping operations at Tbilisi Zoo

Tbilisi Zoo was closed yesterday. Law enforcers closed it off after an oxygen container was found in a pool there. Road construction works are underway in the vicinity of the zoo and one of the roadworkers found the container in an old pool of black oil.

Minesweeping operations were underway yesterday and Tbilisi Emergency Office staff were also there. The oxygen container is in the middle of the pool and according to experts this may cause an explosion.

Representatives of the zoo say that the pool has not been touched for many years and therefore it is not known whether there is any oxygen in the container or not.
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Weather damage being calculated in Imereti

The losses caused by the bad weather are being calculated in Imereti. Heavy wind has damaged 7 districts and the roofs of administrative buildings, schools and 300 houses for IDPs have been torn off in Zestafoni, Khoni, Tkibuli and Baghdati. About 30 trees have been uprooted and one person has died.

Rain is expected in Imereti today, which may cause more problems for IDPs. Koba Subeliani, Minister of Refugees and Accommodation, has met the IDPs there and promised assistance.

Local man, 30, kidnapped in Gori district

A 30-year-old man has been kidnapped in Gori district. Mamuka Samkharadze, from the village of Kirbali, disappeared on Friday. He went out in the afternoon to gather some brushwood in the forest, but only the bull yoked to his cart returned home in the evening.

Samkharadze family members and residents of the village went to look for the man but found just an axe and some brushwood at the edge of the forest. Police are now searching for the man. It is assumed that he has been taken to Tskhinvali in occupied South Ossetia.
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