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Have you personally met any foreign tourists recently and where were they from?

Monday, March 29
“The last time I met foreign tourists was in October. They were from the Czech Republic, planning to trek to the mountains in Tusheti region.”
Maia, student, 18

“I meet some tourists on Rustaveli Avenue almost every day, however I never talk to them. So I do not know where they are from. What I have noticed is that their number has increased, as far as I can see.”
Sopo, lawyer, 29

“I met a group of tourists in Sighnaghi in summer. They were from different countries, including Spain and Germany. They were quite noisy and excited. It seemed they liked the place.”
Valeri, unemployed, 30

“Well actually I often meet foreign tourists in Tbilisi. They are mainly African Americans from the USA. I talk to them just to enquire what they are doing in Georgia and what they plan to do. I must say that their answer is almost always the same: We like your country. It is both beautiful and cheap, so we can afford more things than in any state of the USA.”
Tornike, artist, 21

“I last met a foreign couple at a cafe in Tbilisi. They were enjoying a Georgian Cheese Pie- Khachapuri with such pleasure that I went up to them to ask whether they were really foreigners of just looked like them. They just smiled and said they were from Germany, but had Georgian ancestors.”
Maka, economist, 34

“I know an African boy from Nigeria. He serves at my church and helps the priest during the liturgy. I was amazed when I first saw him there, especially with his broken Georgian terminology, but he is really nice and seems to be really touched with Georgia.”
Salome, reporter, 22

“Recently I met a foreign tourist party in Tbilisi. They were from Italy. They were walking along Rustaveli Avenue. But I also meet foreign tourists almost everyday and I can say that their number has increased very much.”
Lado, student, 27