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What kind of impact will the Moscow terrorist attacks have on Georgia?

Thursday, April 1
"Well they were really very bad, not only for Russia but for all the countries which Russia considers its rivals. I think the Russian Government will use this terroristic act for its imperialistic ends and will justify its activities by saying it is fighting against terrorism. However as for Georgia, I do not think Russia will dare start another war against us and justify it in this way."
Gia, sociologist, 34

"I was really very frightened when I heard the Russian statement about a Georgian connection with that terroristic act. I am sure Georgia had no connection with it, as we have absolutely different aims, but Russia is a very dangerous and unpredictable enemy, which might use anything to serve its own interests."
Tamar, teacher, 41

"I do not believe that the Chechens organised this terrorist act, as the Russian ruling forces organise these things to fulfill their own brutal plans. They are killers; they do not even think about their own citizens. I am sure that Russia will use this fact to conduct large scale “anti terrorist” operations in the North Caucasus, to kill the last local living there, and try to use the bombings against Georgia as well, that’s why our Government should do its best not to be provoked by them."
Demetre, economist, 28

“I do not think there will be any direct impact. I believe the terrorist attacks in Moscow have nothing to do with Georgia. All these statements by Russian officials are attempts to drag the attention of the scared population to some other issue.”
Giga, sportsman, 24

“I am afraid that the Russian President and Prime Minister will use this fact to start a new conflict with Georgia. All these statements made yesterday and today make me feel a bit tense. I hope everything will be all right.”
Shorena, nurse, 36

“I think the people of Georgian origin living in Moscow will have some problems walking in the streets or travelling on public transport. I guess the police will check every single person who looks like a Caucasian.”
Lela, accountant, 51