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What do you expect from the new Constitution of Georgia being adopted?

Wednesday, April 7
“I expect that it will be adhered to and not left only on paper. The problem with our current Constitution is that nobody follows it, because there is no rule of law in Georgia. Otherwise I think the current one also has no inherent problems.”
Tamila, teacher, 45

“I expect nothing. I think there will be some grammar or phrasal differences in the new Constitution compared to the previous one. Otherwise it will be similar. I do not know why the Government is spending money on working out a new Constitution.”
Dali, doctor, 37

“In my opinion the new Constitution will be more democratic, as a wide range of experts and specialists are working on it. I hope this will be so. I think our Government realises that without proper democratic changes Georgia will never become a member of the EU or NATO.”
Giorgi, loan officer, 25

"Some changes are needed in the Constitution, as the political situation today is absolutely different from that when the current Constitution was adopted. I expect that the new one will be more refined and effective. All people who have knowledge and experience of politics should take part in this."
Nia, manager, 29

"A new Constitution alone is not enough, as the politics in each country is generally directed by the politicians. The new Constitution will not resolve the problems of territorial integrity, the extremely hard economic conditions and some other vital issues for the country. This is my opinion, but I will be glad if my prognoses do not come true".
Gia, economist, 51

"Well it is quite difficult to say anything beforehand concerning this issue. To my mind changes are needed. I remember Saakashvili’s statements connected with this, when he said that the Georgian Constitution should be closer to the European model. When you want to get closer to Europe you should take small steps first and not one big step. It will be nice to see changes in the Constitution concerning the President’s rights and Parliament’s rights but not very radical changes at the present moment. The Government should also not use this new Constitution for its own ends.
Tamar, physiologist, 34

“Well I am not at all acquainted with the issue but I must say I don’t like all these rapid changes in state law. But still I wish all this will be done for the people’s sake.”
Sopo, translator, 23

“The Constitution is the main law of the State and it should be absolutely perfect. Each article should be discussed in a very careful way in order to avoid any misunderstanding among the people. I am a lawyer myself and I can understand how much time and attention it needs to deal with this work. The Constitution is the guide a state uses to create a better future so I hope our Government and Parliament will care for the rights of each and every citizen.”
Valeri, lawyer, 27