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Who gained and who lost from the Polish Presidentís death and in what ways?

Thursday, April 15
"All the countries for whom democracy, traditional values and bravery are important, lost much by this manís death. Now Russia and some others are saying the crash was pilot error but I do not believe this. Georgia has lost one of its most important and devoted friends, I can say definitely."
Davit, professor, 52

"I cannot remember many politicians who have declared Russiaís faults so loudly. By his death Poland has lost its greatest president and the democratic world one of its most significant figures. I think that Russia has gained by this tragedy, as Kaczynski has always opposed the Russian Government's brutal plans."
Nino, teacher, 32

"It is very difficult for me to say who has gained by the Polish Presidentís death, as I am not interested in politics and do not have any information on whom he had strained relations with, but I remember his support for us during the August war in 2008. I will never forget this, as this man stood with us during the most decisive moments in our history. Georgia has lost him as well."
Neli, dentist, 29

"Well it is difficult to comment on this issue because it is such a delicate topic. Anyone can have enemies, especially politicians, but I still have no opinions about this unfortunate accident. I can just express my condolences, thatís all."
Beka, architect, 24

"Poland has lost a wonderful President and a major politician, we Georgians have lost a loyal ally and Russia has lost an annoying neighbour who will not disturb it any more."
Nino, project assistant, 27

"Well itís such a huge tragedy that it should be considered a great loss for the whole world. But probably Georgia and Poland have been damaged more seriously than other countries. As for who has gained, I have no idea about this. To my mind the fact that weíve lost such an active supporter is not too important for the Russians. On the other hand Russia is in big trouble as well. The crash took place in Smolensk and thatís why we have grounds to raise questions about Russia."
Ani, journalist, 26

"For me itís not easy to talk about this matter. It is obviously a great disaster which has shaken the whole world and might have been organised by Putin and his supporters. Certainly Poland has lost much, as the Polish people donít have their powerful and intelligent President anymore. Also we Georgians Have been damaged badly as we have one supporter less now."
Shota, banker, 30

"The answer to these questions is clear to everyone. The only state for which the Polish Presidentís unexpected death would be profitable was Russia, of course. Itís beyond dispute that for us and for the Polish people this event is a great tragedy. Everyone knows why, and Iíd better not make further comment."
Akaki, economist, 60

ďI am not as well educated in politics as to know exactly who will gain or lose by the Polish Presidentís death. In my opinion nobody has benefitted from it. It was a tragedy. Almost the whole world mourns Kaczynskiís death, including Georgia.Ē
Dima, engineer, 32

ďIt would be very rude to say that anyone has gained anything from the Polish Presidentís death. Nothing of the sort comes to my mind right now. Everyone is saddened by this.Ē
Nino, nurse, 29