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Compiled by Keti Baramidze
Friday, April 23
Utsnobi wants to be Mayor too

Akhali Taoba reports that well-known singer and actor Giorgi Gachechiladze, known as Utsnobi, will stand in the local elections and will make a public statement about this in the near future.

The deadline for registering with the CEC as a candidate is April 30. Only registered parties and alliances are entitled to present candidates for Mayor, so it will be interesting to know which of these will adopt Utsnobi as its candidate. There is a suspicion that Defend Georgia leader Levan Gachechiladze has withdrawn his own candidacy in favour of his brother.

“There are certain parties which might adopt Gia Gachechiladze as their candidate but first Gia himself must decide whether he is going to put himself forward or not. No consultations have been held with specific parties as yet. Levan Gachechiladze’s refusal to stand has nothing to do with his brother’s decision, so if Gia decides to take part in the elections he will stand on his own merits," Defend Georgia Press Officer Tazo Gamtsemlidze has stated.

Gogi Topadze: Soon serious protest marches will begin

Mayoral candidate and Industry Will Save Georgia leader Gogi Topadze has said in an interview with Rezonansi: “I have never left politics. Only the undesirable development of events and the falsified elections made me stand aside from it for a certain period of time.

"Do you believe that our group can’t comprehend the existing situation? We can see that our country needs serious changes. We’ll make the Government change its tactics and won’t allow our President to ruin the state any more.

"We know perfectly well how to reopen the factories closed due to the Government importing goods from other countries. If I’m elected Mayor of Tbilisi I’ll undertake to resolve the problem of unemployment and make great efforts to restore the hidden wealth we already have (for instance I‘ve drawn up a plan for how to reopen those 30 factories in Tbilisi). Naturally, a Mayor should be independent and absolutely free from Government influence. If a Mayor protects his principles he will achieve much more.

"Unity is also an acute issue. We have nothing against having a common candidate but only if Georgian people select that person. We would like all the leading parties to put their heads together and if we come to a unanimous agreement I‘m ready to withdraw my candidacy. So let’s invite the serious political forces and create the “unity formula” together," says Topadze.

Asked if he had any hope of winning if he was not the common candidate Topadze replied, “Why won’t we win? Why are you intimidating the electorate? I know that TV has circulated rumours that we will be defeated again. It doesn’t matter whether there is a common candidate or not, under any circumstance we will hold consultations. But let’s judge - will all the opposition parties gaining support help us, or only the support one party can attract?

"I have no idea what we will do if we lose the elections. What measures will be taken to remove this Government aren’t clear yet. We, the opposition parties, will get together and think over our country’s future. Protests will also be held soon,” concludes Topadze.