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If the elections for Mayor of Tbilisi were held today who would you vote for?

Friday, April 23
“I would vote for Ugulava definitely. During his term as Mayor a lot has changed for the better in the capital. Tbilisi looks much more beautiful and lively than before.”
Kristina, housewife, 30

“Alasania seems to have a very serious attitude towards this post. He is a well-mannered, educated man, very suitable for the Mayor’s position. I will definitely vote for him. I am sure he will do a lot to help the IDPs living in unbearable conditions in Tbilisi.”
Manoni, teacher, 52

“I am not going to vote for any of them. What’s the use of going to the polls when we all know in advance that Ugulava will win anyway? I am very much disillusioned with both the Government and opposition. They just talk and do nothing.”
Medea, pensioner, 75

"It is very difficult for me to say, as Ugulava is not an official candidate for Tbilisi Mayor as far as I know. Maybe I will vote for Ugulava if he is a candidate, as he is better than the other nominated ones."
Ketevan, pensioner, 51

"I will vote for Dzidziguri as I believe in this politician. It is very obvious that he loves his country and will be a good Mayor. The National Council’s politics are very acceptable for me, as improvement of the relations with Russia is very necessary I think."
Gia, economist, 41

"I have not decided yet. I will choose between Ugulava and Chanturia. Ugulava is quite a good Mayor and Chanturia is an experienced politician. His campaign and promises are very acceptable for me."
Natia, teacher, 29

“I don’t like any of the candidates so I will vote for none of them.”
Tamta, teacher, 27

“I'm going to vote for Ugulava. I like his attitude to the city and I can feel how much he appreciates his electors.”
Inna, musician, 46

“I would vote for Alasania, because from my point of view he is a real politician and real leader, who could govern even in difficult circumstances.”
Nino, economist, 24

“My vote is for Ugulava! He has done a lot of things for our city.”
Beka, student, 19