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Can the West make Russia fulfill the responsibilities it has taken on, and if so, how?

Tuesday, June 15
"This is really a very difficult issue, especially as Russia does not observe any boundaries and it is impossible to forecast what it will do. I can say, based on past experience, that as far as I can remember the European Union took sanctions against Russia several years ago, but Russia did not fulfill its responsibilities then."
Gia, historian, 41

"The situation with Russia is entering a very dangerous stage, as I think at the present time neither the West nor the United States will go against it. If things go on like this the major countries will not get anything good out of the situation either."
Tea, teacher, 32

"Everything depends on Russia. If it wants to fulfill its obligations it will. The European Union and some other organisations can influence Russia, but this influence is not significant enough for effective results to be achieved. Solving our problems depends on the influential countries agreeing to do it."
Natia, manager, 29

"The West and Russia have some mutual obligations and I think they will both try to be as careful as they can to fulfill their responsibilities."
Beka, student, 19

"Well as far as I can see there are some obligations which Russia is trying to avoid fulfilling, especially those concerning Georgia. I doubt whether the West will dare worsening its relations with Russia because of our country but I still hope that everything will be fine in international politics and the terror of war will remain something from history."
Eka, accountant, 37

“Of course not! If it could there would be no Russian soldier on our territory today. Russia does not care what the West says, it carries out its aggressive policy towards Georgia and everyone is powerless to stop it.”
Kakha, sportsman, 34

“I am pretty sure it can influence Russia by taking diplomatic steps, however I think the West is not interested in Georgian issues and that is the major problem.”
Diana, musician, 28