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Should Georgia prevent Russia from entering the World Trade Organisation?

Tuesday, June 29
"Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the politics of this and can’t make any particular suggestions, but I think Georgia shouldn’t interfere with Russia’s affairs and should avoid any further complications. Let’s simply live our lives and leave all the others alone."
Mzia, housewife, 49

"It is not acceptable for Georgia for Russia to become part of the World Trade Organisation and we should be against it. However, no one will ask Georgia's opinion and everything will be decided by the influential countries."
Gia, engineer, 41

"I think we should be more diplomatic when talking about Russia, as no one can tell what it will do. When Georgian Government members come on TV and talk about preventing Russia from doing things, in reality, we cannot decide such serious matters."
Giorgi, musician, 29

"I think Russia should not become a member of this organisation; letting it in will be a sign that the West and the United States have compromised with the Russian authorities, which will be very negative for us."
Lia, manager, 48

“Yes, they should prevent it because Russia deserves such a response from us. If Georgia agrees to accept Russia into WTO it should set certain preconditions and only after Russia fulfills them should we should allow it to join.”
Natia, student, 22

“I think Russia should be accepted because Georgian products will then reenter the Russian market and this will be profitable for our country. However no one can be sure that some day in the future the Russians will again say that our wine and mineral waters are damage the health. This would not be a surprise.”
Vakhtang, bank employee, 32