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Thursday, July 8
OSCE PA hails reforms in Georgia

The first summer session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly opened with a speech by Assembly Chairperson Joao Soares on Tuesday. Soares touched on Georgia in his speech and hailed the ongoing reforms in the country. He said the living conditions of IDPs from the two breakaway regions of Georgia have been improved and this progress should be welcomed.

The Assembly members also discussed the local government elections of May 30. The OSCE approved of the democratic and fair conduct of the elections. Members of the Georgian delegation reported the details of the May 30 polls. (Rustavi 2)

Graduate Record Examinations launched

Minister of Education and Science Dimitri Shashkin visited an examination centre, attended the registration of candidates and read the first exam of the Graduate Record Examinations.

1,920 candidates for an MA degree took tests in reading, comprehension and analytical writing at 128 centres on July 7. They were given an hour and ten minutes for each task. On July 8 they will take tests in logical discussion which will last an hour.

6,587 candidates will also take exams in their chosen higher education subjects. Candidates will be enrolled according to the results of the general Graduate Record Examinations and those in their subjects. State grants will also be allocated on the basis of the results of the Graduate Record Examinations. (Rustavi 2)

Russians object to new Georgian history textbook

Kamsomolskaia Pravda writes that a new history book entitled ‘200 Years of Russian Occupation’ will enter Georgian schools from the new academic year and has aggravated Russian politicians and historians.

Russian Duma member Professor Vladimir Medinski states that "they will distort the truth for Georgian children". "The textbook says that small, proud Georgia resisted the Turks, Persians and other invaders but could not resist the army of the Russian Empire, but nobody tells children that Georgia was received into Russia after the Georgian king sent, I think, 12 letters of appeal and the Persians almost depopulated the Georgian nation. You cannot make a prostitute out of history,’ Medinski states.

The Russian press has reported that President Mikheil Saakashvili ordered a special commission to be created in April to study historical aspects of Russian-Georgian relations. The President also raised the idea of creating textbooks about the Russian occupation. (Interpressnews)

Noghaideli reports on his latest visit to Moscow

Leader of the Movement for Fair Georgia Zurab Noghaideli has summed up his latest visit to Moscow after returning. In Moscow he met Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and saw the models of the monuments which will be erected on the Poklonnaia Gora soon.

At yesterday's briefing Noghaideli tried to explain Putin's statement that Georgia should regulate relations with the puppet regimes independently. Noghaideli said it was very significant and should be taken into consideration.

Noghaideli said that he plans to break off negotiations on conflict issues with Russian ruling party United Russia temporarily so that the public can see what the Government of Georgia can do in this regard. (Rustavi 2)

Infant injured in road accident

A five-day old infant was injured as a result of a road accident on July 6. It was hospitalised at Tbilisi Iashvili Children’s Clinic.

The child's family was driving to Kutaisi after being discharged from the maternity home when their car crashed into another vehicle on the Kutaisi Bridge. The infant received head trauma and is in a critical condition. (Prime News)

French frigate to conduct trainings in Batumi

Within the framework of French-Georgian cooperation frigate of the French national fleet Jean De Vienne will visit Batumi and conduct joint trainings from July 9 to 11, Prime News has been informed by the Press Service of the French Embassy in Georgia.

The official opening ceremony of the trainings will be attended by head of the Adjaran Government Levan Varshalomidze, Mayor of Batumi Robert Chkhaidze and French Military Attache Vice-Colonel Jean-Luc Theus. Official meetings with representatives of the defence sphere and public organisations are scheduled. (Prime News)

Miss Georgia-2010 to be held in Batumi

The Miss Georgia-2010 beauty contest will be held in Batumi on August 1. The final casting of contestants will be held on July 16, where 20 participants will be selected.

The main prize of the contest this year is a vehicle. The winner will represent Georgia at Miss World 2010. (Prime News)