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Thursday, July 8
The USA doesn't know itself about arms sales at the moment

Political expert Ramaz Sakvarelidze states in an interview with Akhali Taoba, "The fact that America is still beside us was not at all unexpected. America has not changed its Caucasus policy. But the novelty is that America has freely entered the countries Russia considers its sphere of influence. This is significant indeed, both for the region and Georgia in particular."

Asked whether he thinks Clinton's visit will irritate Russia, Sakvarelidze answers: "I expected irritation unless her statements had been agreed with Russia beforehand, but there has been no response from the Russian media. The only thing which appeared was Putin’s comment about occupation or liberation, which was not as stinging as it could have been. Therefore Clinton's statements were not unexpected in Russia. They seem to have been discussed behind the scenes.

Clinton came to Georgia and said that relations should be restored via dialogue with Russia. We should presume our authorities know what the USA's position is on this. Domestic policy was not the topic of this visit, only American foreign policy was outlined. Clinton neither met the opposition properly nor discussed domestic issues, but read a prepared text," Sakvarelidze says.

Asked why Hillary Clinton would not answer the question when asked if the US would supply Georgia with arms, Sakvarelidze says, "I think they just do not want to discuss this issue publicly because it has not been resolved in America yet. If arms sales stop this will be an indirect acceptance of Russia's position, which America will not admit to. But if the sales continue this will strain US relations with Russia, which might be dangerous for Georgia. So I suppose the issue has not been resolved yet."

Group of psychiatrists detained with the Elizbarashvili family

Rezonansi states that the General Prosecutor’s Office has detained businessman Tamaz Elizbarashvili, President of Eliz-Group, for a crime committed seven years ago. His daughter-in-law Salome Ivanishvili and her father have also been detained, along with 4 doctors from the Asatiani Psychiatric Clinic, including Doctor Gogi Naneishvili. According to the Elizbarashvili family's advocate David Khajalia, the psychiatrists are accused of giving false medical reports after taking bribes.

Guram Elizbarashvili, the son of Tamaz Elizbarashvili, is in Gldani Prison Number 8 for murder. Tamaz Elizbarashvili is one of the biggest importers of cigarettes in Georgia and supports a shelter for abandoned dogs. Elizbarashvili had some conflict with law enforcers several years ago, who deprived him of some BMW Jeeps. The businessman asserts that this was an unlawful action. The cars were later transferred to the Financial Police. It has been reported that the term of Guram Elizbarashvili’s imprisonment has been increased following a confrontation with the administration of the prison.

According to Versia Doctor Gogi Naneishvili was stopped in Kareli on July 5 at the police headquarters. The other three detainees are Doctors Kharebava, Beria and Silagadze. Their detention was followed by the arrest of two more psychiatrists on charges of fraud.