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Do you think the number of marriages and births has increased in Georgia and why?

Thursday, July 8
"I think the number of both marriages and births always depends on individuals: those who wish they had more children always give birth to many kids, while others with maybe even more financial opportunities simply refuse to have more than one. As for marriages I think there are even more unregistered families in Georgia because people lack the time or money to make official registrations."
Lali, economist, 48

"It is difficult for me to say, as I live in Tbilisi and cannot evaluate the general situation, especially what is going on in the regions. If special researches say this I think it should be true, as several years ago there were statements made about the very difficult demographic situation in the country. I am glad that this situation is changing for the better."
Lia, teacher, 34

"I said recently that the number of weddings has significantly increased, but I cannot say why. What I can say is that Patriarch Ilia lls statement that he would be the godfather of each third and more child in a family has had a very positive influence, as I myself have had a third child because I have a great desire for our Patriarch to be its godfather."
Nino, musician, 35

"To tell the truth I doubt this. In general a family in Georgia decides to have more than two children if its members have enough financial means to do so. Unfortunately, the economic situation in the country does not persuade many people to make such a positive decision."
Giga, worker, 29

"No, definitely not. The number of marriages may have increased but the number of births has not. It has even decreased over the last few years due to the difficulty of living in Georgia."
Nini, interpreter, 22

"It usually increases after wars, that's a fact based on scientific research."
Nika, sociologist, 26

I have never conducted any research on this issue, so I really do not have any idea. I guess the number of marriages and births should have increased since the 1990s, because the economic and political situation is much better now than it was 10-15 years ago.
Tea, cardiologist, 30

As far as I know it has increased, however I cannot say why. Maybe the employment rate has increased and people feel more secure about getting married and having children.
Nana, housewife, 43

Of course it has increased, because people are not afraid to get married and have more than one child as the economic conditions of the people have improved.
Gia, engineer, 50