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Azeri expert opinion

By Messenger Staff
Friday, July 9
The Chairman of the Azeri Centre for Political Innovations and Technologies Mubariz Akhmedoglu has stated that Hillary Clinton’s visit to the South Caucasus has clearly determined US priorities. He says that the US is pinning its hopes on Armenia, as Clinton was in Georgia for 6 hours, Azerbaijan 8 hours and Armenia 17 hours. While in Armenia Clinton also said that this country has a big future in the region, and the analyst thinks that this statement is a US hint that Armenia can play a serious role in putting pressure on Iran, Turkey and even Russia.

The analyst compared the role of Armenia in this region to that of Israel in the Middle East. He also pointed out that while in Armenia Secretary Clinton spoke about the democratic shortcomings of Azerbaijan and Georgia but did not mention Armenian democratic problems at all.

The Azeri political analyst's conclusions are very subjective and need to be analysed further.