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USD 1 billion US assistance

By Messenger Staff
Friday, July 9
Secretary of State Clinton mentioned during her visit that Georgia’s economy is developing fast and promised to enhance support for Georgia in the economic direction.

In February 2010 Georgia received the last portion of the USD 1 billion promised by the USA after the Russian invasion of 2008. USD 469.89 million of this was allotted for economic growth stabilisation, developing the electricity and gas transit infrastructure and the construction and reconstruction of motorways and USD 480.77 million for peace and security issues work such as demining, reinforcing the police, coast and border guards, improving Georgia’s readiness to address emergency situations and combating international crime. USD 436.933 million was given for humanitarian reasons and was used by the Finance Ministry to cover budgetary expenses such as pensions, compensations and some state salaries. USD 48.6 million was allotted for strengthening civil society institutions and facilitating democratic governance.