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Tuesday, July 13
Decision due in First Caucasian dispute

Mteli Kvira reads that a Paris court is due to pass final sentence on the debate between Georgia's Russian language TV channel First Caucasian and French Satellite Communications Company Uetelsite. The Georgian side is claiming 2.5 Million Euro from the French company for breach of contract. "All the arguments are against the opposing party. Our advocates are already in Paris. We are hopeful of the outcome," Gia Chanturia, Director General of Georgian Public Broadcaster, states.

According to unofficial reports the French company blocked the frequency set aside for the Georgian TV company due to pressure from Russia's Gazprom Media. First Caucasian is demanding the restoration of the primary frequency stipulated in the contract. Gia Chanturia states that Gazprom Media purchased the frequency after the contract had been signed between the Georgian and French sides.

The French side asserts that the contract only refers to the model of broadcasting and had not been breached by them. However the frequency the French side is now offering is unacceptable as it does not cover Europe and the post-Soviet states, the newspaper says.

"We are well aware of the frequency offered by the French side. Practically no one will watch it as it is not available in Europe and the post-Soviet states. We have obtained all the documents. Everything is up to the court. We are looking forward to a favourable decision. Sentence will be passed in accordance with French law," Gia Chanturia says.

Soso Tsintsadze: Obama is attempting to reconcile the unreconcilable

Political scientist Soso Tsintsadze states in the interview with Kviris Palitra, "Obama is attempting to reconcile the unreconcilable. Washington and Moscow have different values and views in terms of the reset policy. Russia has always seen the reset policy as meaning making compromises, helping the transit of military cargo to Afghanistan and concessions on Iran sanctions in exchange for unofficial carte blanche to do what it liked in the post-Soviet space. However Obama says that the existence of spheres of influences is inadmissible in the XXI century and Washington will never support this.

"Obama is often regarded as a dreamer and compared with Carter. His only success has been in health protection reforms. The Republicans sharply criticise him. Obama will face two big tests: the first the strategic arms reduction debates in Congress and the second the November 4 midterm elections for the whole of one chamber and 25% of the other. The Republicans want revenge," Soso Tsintsadze says.

"Some positions have not been agreed even within the President’s administration. If we look through the statements made by Clinton carefully we find great differences between these and Obama’s statements on the same issues. Certainly Clinton will never openly confront the President, but she is obviously not very happy with the so-called reset policy. That is why she openly used the term occupation almost in every capital she visited. Obama had not used this term in any of his statements, only in a press release by the White House. This looks like a nuance, but we are well aware that there are no nuances in great politics. Even a single nuance might be decisive," Tsintsadze adds.