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When will Georgia join NATO, if at all?

Tuesday, July 13
"Well it is difficult to say, however I hope that we will manage to be the part of NATO soon, as the interest of influential foreign organisations and NATO in Georgia has increased lately."
Gia, architect, 41

"The Georgian authorities frequently mention that NATOs door is open for us and the same is said by NATO officials. The door is open but we are not let in, this is a fact. To my mind, no one will let us in unless the democratic situation in the country meets European standards. Everything depends on the Georgian authorities conducting effective reforms."
Giga, sociologist, 34

"This is a question for the future. Based on the present situation I do not think we can join NATO. However in the longer term perspective this is possible of course and mainly depends on the influential players, America and Russia, and how they can agree on some issues important for them."
Tea, PR manager, 29

I have no hope that it will ever join NATO or the EU, but I think we will be better off without them, because each statement about our joining the EU or NATO causes serious problems, including the war of 2008.
Maka, housewife, 43

Of course we will join NATO but not in the near future, at least until we regain our territories. If the territorial problems are resolved then Im sure NATO's door really will be open for us, but only God knows when this problem will be resolved.
Davit, bank employee, 24

I have no idea when we will join NATO or if we will join it at all. I am sure my children's grandchildren will see Georgia become NATO member country but not me and my generation. However it is clear that we want this alliance and we need this alliance for our security and safety.
Lali, pensioner, 65