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Which of your rights are violated most often in Georgia?

Monday, July 19
“Labour rights. I think we need to have a new labour code and a new approach to it. I think that the rights of employees are being violated in every second company in Georgia, especially in the state institutions. I was fired from a state institution without any explanation. I felt totally unprotected.”
Nana, PR specialist, 29

“I think the rights of prisoners are being most frequently violated in Georgia. Every time I listen to the reports of the Public Defender he highlights this issue as one of the major problems. I think this is a disgrace for a Government which wants to have a democratic state.”
Gia, pensioner, 65

“I think that the situation in terms of human rights is much better in Georgia than it was 5-6 years ago. But of course there are problems. I think that the rights of disabled people are largely ignored in Georgia. Of course there are laws giving them a chance to have a normal way of life, but the problem is that none of them are implemented in reality.”
Neli, dentist, 40

“Honestly my rights have never been violated, but I have heard a lot of things from people and mostly they talk about labour rights. However in my opinion the situation in Georgia is much better than it was before Saakashvili.”
Nino, teacher, 35

“Well 5-6 years ago they were much more often violated than now, and I think we have already achieved a lot of things, including in this sphere, and I think this is very good. Of course it is possible that rights will be violated but nowhere is perfect.”
David, unemployed, 46

"I think that teachers, lecturers, professors and such educated people’s rights are very frequently violated. It is a violation for example when a professor’s salary is significantly lower than that of an ordinary administration member."
Gia, economist, 43

"It is frequently said by the present authorities that human rights are being protected in the country, which is far from true. When you are dismissed just because the new boss wants his relative to take your place, this is greatest injustice and violation I think."
Nodar, unemployed, 31

"There are violations of human rights in nearly all spheres. There are cases of labour rights violations, children's rights violations and so on. Lately, refugees' rights have been very much violated I think. Only upper class and influential people are protected from violations as they have the position and financial resources to defend themselves."
Natia, housewife, 37