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Friday, July 30
Opposition Releases Joint Statement

The Georgian opposition has released a joint statement.

The statement was signed by 7 political parties, Interpress News was told by the National Forum. The National Forum, Conservative Party, Republican Party, New Rights Party, Our Georgia - Free democrats, Way of Georgia, and People’s Party think the formation of governmental branches through free, fair and democratic elections remains one of the most serious problems of the Georgian state.

‘The abovementioned problem should be solved first of all by the activity and efforts of Georgian society. The participation of influential international organizations, which can promote negotiation between the opposition and government on improvement of the electoral environment, is also very important in this process’, the statement says.

According to the statement, it is necessary to agree on a new format of negotiations with regard to the Election Code. (Interpressnews)

Writer Irakli Kakabadze Demands an Apology from the President

Writer Irakli Kakabadze is demanding an apology from the President for his racist phrases. Kakabadze gives one hour to the President to make an apology. Otherwise, Kakabadze is threatening to stage protests.

Saakashvili has to apologize to black people not only in Georgia, but all over the world, Kakabadze said at the press-conference held at the office of Human Rights Centre.

According to Kakabadze, Saakashvili made racist statements on 27 July by saying: ’Why people, arriving in Georgia, are checked bags. Are we Negroes? Why are we acting like savages?’

Kakabadze said the President’s phrase was not accidental, but part of a deliberate racist campaign.

The press-conference was attended by the Consul of Hungary, representatives of the US Embassy, Azeri Embassy, Council of Europe, European Commission and USAID. (Interpressnews)

Moscow Intends To Begin Direct Flights To Sokhumi

Moscow intends to sign an agreement on direct flights with Abkhazia. Reportedly, the agreement on direct flights will be one of forty treaties, to be signed by separatist leader Sergey Baghapsh during his upcoming visit to Moscow.

As for the United Transport administration of Georgia, the air communication between Abkhazia and Russia will be illegal. The administration defines that Georgia will impose sanctions on any international company, which sells tickets on the illegal flights. (Prime-News)

Gregory Karasin: Doors Are Open For Politicians Arriving In Moscow With Positive Intentions

Russian deputy Foreign Minister Gregory Karasin has invited the Georgian opposition to Moscow.

According to him, the Georgian opposition wants negotiations with the Kremlin and it would be unethical from the Russian side to refuse a dialogue.

‘Moscow’s doors are open for Georgian politicians arriving with positive intentions in Russia and not for those who weave a plot. The Kremlin is ready for dialogue with people who are able to rake part in healthy discussion, coming to the right conclusion and solving the problem”, -Karasin stated. (Prime-News)

Winners of ‘Junior Summer School of Georgia’ Awarded

First Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Akaki Seperteladze has awarded the winners of the competition 'Junior Summer School of Georgia' with diplomas for creating the best foreign language essays. These schoolchildren will be sent to the summer schools in Great Britain, France and Germany.

The competition was organized by the journal Junior-Georgia throughout the whole country with the support of MES. Around 100 schoolchildren aged 11-18 participated in it. The task was to write 3 essays in English, French or German languages. Winners were identified in each language. All three winners will leave for the relevant country for two weeks. 12 years old Natali Goginashvili from Tbilisi will leave for France, 16 years old Aleksandre Shatberashvili from Tbilisi - for England and 17 years old Ana Sharashenidze from Kutaisi - for Germany.

Journal Junior-Georgia is a Georgian licensed publication of the French journal Junior Science & Vie. This is the first international popular science journal in the Georgian media market that is published for children of 11-18 years. The journal gives readers an opportunity to get familiarized with the best scientific projects, the latest discoveries and technological achievements. One can find information about the pyramids, the history of creating internet, the invention of the first robot, mobile phones, and much more.

The journal is published in France, Germany, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, China and other countries. Georgian publication is the first attempt at developing a similar project in post-soviet countries except Russia. The popularity of the journal is defined by the number of editions in these countries. 500,000 copies are published in France as well as in Germany and Italy in a month.

Journal Junior has been published in Georgian since 2009. The edition amounts to 5,000 copies a month. Published articles in Junior-Georgia have high quality content and a strong visual side. (Interpressnews)