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Do you think pardoned prisoners pose a threat to society?

Friday, July 30
I think that given the present situation, they still pose a danger to society. When they leave prison they have an opportunity to start normal life, but they should have some jobs, otherwise they will do the crime again. As everyone knows, it is extremely difficult to find job now.
Giorgi, Economist, 41

There are some categories of people which should be pardoned, mothers who have small children who have committed less serious crimes, or prisoners having some diseases. Also, old ones; I think that their release will not be dangerous for society.
Liana, Teacher, 34

Despite the fact that the situation in prisons has improved compared with previous years, the number of prisoners has not gone down and crime still remains as one of the main problems in the country. It is the shame that no basic moves are made, and serious work to reduce crime in the country is still needed. Some people will, of course, always pose a threat to society.
Tamuna, Sociologist, 32

I am a psychologist and I know that only food and normal conditions in prisons are not enough for their rehabilitation into society. Psychologists and spiritual persons should be more involved in the process.
Natia, Psychologist, 29

As far as I know, those people who would be pardoned are selected based on certain features and several procedures are needed to decide who might be pardoned and who does not. So,I can see nothing negative in a prisoners pardon.
Gia, manager, 25

“Certainly it is possible that pardoned prisoners would create a threat to society although in my opinion they would not do so; because I do not think that they wish to go to prison again and I think they would try to behave well.”
Tamar, 47, teacher

“I do not think so and let’s hope for the best and society should more kind, we should be glad that someone would get their freedom. In my opinion all prisoners are dreaming about this and we should share their happiness, everything that happens, happens for the best and I trust that they will not create a threat to society.”
Niko, 35, musician

“I do not know exactly, but yes maybe there is some percentage that they will create a threat to society. But I think they will be afraid of going to prison again and that will be the main reason for their good behavior.”
Maia, 43, housewife