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New military relations between Russia and Armenia

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, August 3
As it has become known Russia and Armenia will be signing a protocol according to which a new form of cooperation between the Russian and Armenian militaries will be established. A Russian military base on Armenian territory would not only provide everything necessary for protecting interests of Russian federation in the area, but Russian forces together with Armenian armed forces would help protect the safety and security of this country. To achieve this result the Russian federation will help Armenia through introducing their modern technology and armament. The protocol draft contains an article which says that the agreement will be in force for 49 years, with possible 5-year extensions, unless either side submits an application to cease such cooperation 6 months prior to the expiration date.

There is currently a squadron of Russian MIG 29 destroyers in Armenia; Russia's 988 artillery rocket regiment has several missile complexes C 300B; there are more than 3000 Russian servicemen in Armenia, with many of those withdrawn from Georgia in 2005-2007 being deployed in Armenia.