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Georgia's industrial zones

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, August 3
The Georgian government established free industrial zones in different locations around the country to revive industry. There are currently six free industrial zones - 2 in Kutaisi, while Tbilisi, Rustavi, Batumi and Poti have 1 industrial zone each. It is envisaged that the Poti free industrial zone will be open by this September. So far only a couple of dozen companies are registered in Poti industrial zone. There are delays in the start of operating of the Tbilisi free industrial zone, which will be launched by the Israeli company Tera 1, and there is a very similar situation with the Rustavi free industrial zone, where Estonian business group is active but has not done enough to start. The government promised that two industrial zones will function in Kutaisi, one Chinese and one Egyptian. The latter has been heavily promoted with the Georgian government claiming the Egyptians would invest around USD 2 billion and employ 2500 locals. However until recently little has been done in this direction the Egyptian companies' activities appear to be decreasing and it seems it is folding; so far only 60 locals have been employed. There is a prospect of establishing an industrial zone in the Khevachauri district of Adjara, to date however no investors have come forward.