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Do you think increased fines will reduce the numbers of car accidents?

Tuesday, August 3
Well, I think yes. Everyone knows how hard the economic situation in the country is and the drivers will be careful not to be fined. For example, when my father was drunk he drove the car despite the fact, after paying fines several times. Now he avoids going to the restaurant by car, he prefers to catch taxi and after the party comes back home by taxi again.
Nino, Painter, 25

I do not agree, they are too high compared with the country's economic situation. Present authorities are trying to take away as much money from the poor people as possible. I am not saying we should not have fines, however they should be appropriate to the country's situation and people's ability to pay.
Giorgi, economist, 45

I think that higher fines will reduce the number of car accidents, I am sure of it. To compare the present situation to the past, now drivers try harder to prevent themselves from violating some driving rules, than in former years. Fines really frighten drivers.
Nuca, Manager, 31

I welcome this initiative and I am sure this will decrease number of car accidents. If you look at the statistics you will be shocked because very many people die every day in car crashes, just because they are drunk, or they do not have seat belts, or they are under the influence of drugs.
Vaniko, student, 21

I do not think so because I think very few people will be afraid of paying the increased fines. Georgians have a different mentality and they do not care about fines. If some one wants to drink I am sure he/she will not think about the increased fines at that moment. What should be done is that people themselves should realise very well that they create danger for others and especially for themselves. Increased fines alone will not solve problems.
Levan, bank employee, 34

I do hope that the effect of increasing fines will be less car accidents. In my opinion the accompanying measure of depriving driving license will be more effective; I've heard in the news that together with increased fines the rules of depriving driving licenses are becoming stricter. I do agree with these measures as the statistics of accidents in Georgia are really alarming.
Tamta, marketing manager, 26

Well actually I cant make a particular connection between the increased fines and the reduction of car accidents because an accident may be caused by any technical problems not the lack of driving skills.
Anna, student, 19

I think thats a really wonderful idea aimed at dealing with the lack of professional skills and responsibility at the same time. I know lots of people who just pay money to avoid taking driving lessons. I realize how young people are always trying to be fast in everything but a car is a technical machine which needs care and attention or else it may ruin their lives.
Ilia, lecturer, 48

Car accidents have become an ordinary part of our everyday routine with its alarming number of cases all around the country. Drunk people or the youth addicted to speed and racing are most often victims of the danger. Despite this I dont agree with the financial provocations, but it seems to be the only way out of the horrible situation on our roads.
Misha, geologist, 51