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Moscow: Baku and Yerevan balancing

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, August 5
Ruben Akopian, head of the Armenian analytical centre Akunk stated Russia is making steps in the south Caucasus only to promote its own national and political interests. The analyst believes today the south Caucasus is one of the most militarized regions. Furthermore by providing C-300 missile devices to Azerbaijan Russia will increase the armament of this region even more. Akopian thinks that Moscow always points to the issue of balancing relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan. As usual the Kremlin is following its no war, no peace policy, allowing its own interests to be further promoted in the region. On the one hand it provides armaments to Azerbaijan, on the other it signs an agreement with Armenia on stationing Russian military bases in the country for 49 years or more, as well as taking responsibility for securing Armenia’s safety. So, under the pretext of balancing the situation, Moscow makes money by selling arms to both sides; moreover it creates circumstances in which the state of equilibrium depends on Kremlin.

Meanwhile Akopian thinks that by selling C-300 missile systems to Azerbaijan, Russia pursues not only its commercial interests but also far-reaching political interests. Moscow wants to secure for itself the chance to purchase Azeri natural gas and in doing so the Kremlin wants to block the further development and progress of the NABUCCO project.

Another political analyst from Armenia Alexander Iskanderian also believes that by selling its natural gas to Moscow, Baku receives missile systems in return. He is confident that Moscow will not cooperate with Azerbaijan alone without considering the Armenian factor and will not allow the fragile regional balance to be violated.