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Thursday, August 5
Valdas Adamkus visits Georgia

The former president of Lithuania is visiting Georgia. Valdas Adamkus is viewing the ongoing projects that are being carried out with funding from the Lithuanian government. Today Adamkus is in the town of Khashuri; he visited the Ethnographical Museum and talked to locals.

The ex-president also intends to visit the library of Khashuri, which has been renovated with financial assistance from Lithuania. Valdas Adamkus will also visit an orphanage in the village of Tashiskari.

During his visit the former Lithuanian recalled August 2008 and once again slammed the Kremlin's policy.

"When we heard about what the Russians are doing to your country, we immediately got in touch with other presidents, and I said, we have to let the world know about the aggression. Because we know what it means to be occupied by Russians as Lithuania suffered for 45 years. We came to Tbilisi and stood by you in those difficult moments. Those were glorious moments for Lithuania. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, the international community has so far been unable to pressurise Russia," Valdas Adamkus said. (GHN)

Georgian anti-crisis council discusses prevention of crime among juveniles

On Tuesday the Georgian anti-crisis council discussed the causes of rising crime among juveniles and its prevention. The Education Minister and representatives of the Prosecutor's Office attended the meeting.

Representatives of all offices presented their positions on the issue. Law enforcers said they have made their policy towards juveniles more liberal and are taking different measures for decreasing crime among juveniles.

The Education and Science Minister Dimitri Shashkin said the most important step for supporting the secure school concept is bringing the institution of resource officers into force. The minister is confident that the decision will alter the tendency of juveniles to commit crimes. Shashkin said resource officers will be presenting in all schools throughout Georgia before the end of 2010. (Rustavi2)

Two Georgian Citizens Detained in Turkey, Released

Two Georgian citizens who had been detained in Turkey have been released, InterpressNews was told by Gela Japaridze, Vice Consul of Georgia to Turkey.

According to Japaridze, the Turkish gendarmerie provided incorrect information to the Georgian Consulate regarding the detention. The Consul says the detainees were released, though an investigation is under way.

The Georgian citizens were detained yesterday. They tried to steal jewellery from a jewellery shop. Reports say the detainees were tourists. The Georgian Consulate to Turkey has refrained from identifying them. (Interpressnews)

80% of Fire is localized in Borjomi Gorge

80 % of the fire in Borjomi Gorge has been localized. The fire will be completely extinguished in a few days. The main cores of the fire are extinguished, though some are still raging.

As previously reported, there is no danger of further outbreaks of fire near the settlements.

According to preliminary information the current high temperatures caused the fire; an area of 20 hectares was burnt.

Fire broke out in Borjomi gorge four days ago. (GHN)

Merab Zhordania may become President of Dutch Football Club

Merab Zhordania, former President of the Georgian Football Federation, may become the president of the Dutch football club Arnhem Vitesses.

According to InterpressNews, Merab Zhordania has recently received a proposal from the Dutch club. Zhordania, currently in Holland, is ascertaining the conditions and has not yet made a decision.

The Georgian media says the possible appointment of Zhordania to the presidency is related to Russian Roman Abramovich, the owner of the British football club Chelsea.

According to information of InterpressNews, Roman Abramovich has no relation to the Dutch football club Arnhem Vitesses; there is a long-time friendship rather than business interest between Abramovich and Zhordania. (Interpressnews)