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Despite the good investment environment (as authorities claim) what is the reason of lack of investors in Georgia?

Thursday, August 5
Authorities may claim lots of things but there is only one truthÖThere are definitely investments made in our country but they seem to be just formal.
Ilia, sociologist, 28

Georgia became well known to international organizations just a few years ago as a strategically interesting country so letís just give our Government time to attract investors and letís wait for several more years and we will definitely seem the difference.
Elena, pensioner, 69

Well, first of all I do not think that there is a good investment environment in Georgia. The fact that foreign businessmen can register their business in a day here does not mean that everything is ok in this field. The Georgian market is monopolized, those foreigners who already have experience with Georgian market know this and I think that is why they avoid investing here.
Nikoloz, Bank employee, 32

I think that foreign investors don't have enough information about the Georgian market and that is why there is not much investment in Georgian business, economy, tourism and other sectors. Compared with the former years, I think the situation has improved especially in tourism direction and I am waiting for more investors in the country.
Giga, Economist, 24

It is the sign that something is wrong with governmental policy. The present authorities should think of creating an agreeable environment, which is the most important and they should not make any influence in business sector. If they behave like this, situation will change positively.
Natia, Teacher, 45

I think the conflict situations within Georgia (Abkhazia and Samachablo) are deterring the foreign capital inflow into our country.
Nino, economist, 36