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Friday, August 6
Bread is the king of all in Georgia! Every region has its own unique and distinct types of bread that differ not only by the way they are baked, but also by the ingredients used. In Eastern Georgia, yeast dough bread is popular. It is baked on the surface of the inner walls of a large clay oven or cylindrical ceramic jug with fire burning on its bottom. The bread there has different names. Some call it "madauri", others "kutkhani", or even "dedaspuri" - "mother's bread". In Western Georgia, they make "mchadi" a corn bread made in special clay frying pans (ketsi). They also make "Chvishtari" a corn patty with cheese or kidney beans. In the regions of Abkhasia and Megrelia the bread is substituted by a very thick corn dish called "Gomi" resembling polenta or grits, to which either "Satsivi" or "Suluguni" are added.

It must be noted that "Suluguni" is not the only traditional cheese that is made by Georgians in pitchers and hide-bags using a pickling solution. There are also other "Georgian salty" types of cheese, among which are spicy "Tushury", "Imeruly" and others.