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Tuesday, August 10
Young people march for peace in Gori

A March for Peace was held in Shida Kartli Region. As part of the Youth for Peaceful Living Together project, Katrlosi NGO held a rally. They marched from the centre of Gori to the memorial for soldiers killed in war.

The organisation members and young people were participating in the Together for Peace rally. They also drew up a special address intended for the civilized world. In the address the young people urge the occupational forces to leave the Georgian territories and allow them return to their homes. (Rustavi 2)

‘Georgian Legion’ Offers Government Help to Increase Security

The civil union of war veterans ‘Georgian Legion’ is offering the government help to increase security said General-mayor Gia Karkarashvili while speaking about aims of the union. He says ‘Georgian Legion’ welcomes the governmental initiative to establish defensive units in villages and offers advice and recommendations in this regard.

‘We’ll wait for the publication of plans for a security system able to increase military readiness of the country and armed forces. ‘Georgian Legion’ with dismissed highly-qualified officers from MOD will develop its viewpoint and introduce the public to what a Defence system should be like in the period of peace and military activities,’ Karkarashvili stated.

He says ‘Georgian Legion’ supports Georgia’s integration to NATO. The union is chaired by Gia Karkarashvili, former security Minister Irakli Batiashvili. Abkhazian and Samachablo war veterans, highly qualified officers dismissed from MOD, who took part in Iraq and Afghanistan operations, are members of the union.

As Gia Karkarashvili stated at today's news conference, the union is open to everyone who cares for the country’s present and future.

Gia Karkarashvili conveyed condolences to the families of 2008 Russian-Georgian war dead and wished the Georgian army courage and strength. He said veterans’ legions are established worldwide and their symbol is a poppy. He says they welcome the poppy as their symbol and think that the Georgian public should wear the sign on Georgia’s most difficult days – on 8 August, 27 September and 26 May. (Interpressnews)

Suspects of smuggling petroleum products detained

Officers of the investigative department of Georgian Finance Ministry have detained smugglers of petroleum products. Members of an organized criminal group are being detained. The detainees are: founder of Metallic Company Merab Ungiadze, director of the company Mamuli Aladashvili, its financial manager Phridon Kvantaliani and managers Merab Kalandarishvili and Zviad Chikashua.

An employee of Gorgias tank farm of Batumi, Anri Gogitidze and a customer of Batumi Port Customs Checkpoint Zurab Teneishvili have also been detained. They have caused GEL 10 million in damages to the state budget.

As reported, representatives of Metallic Ltd. transported 27 million litres of diesel fuel to provide vessels with petroleum supplies, the customs cost of which was over GEL 31 million. The suspects kept the fuel in several reservoirs of Gorgias tank farm in Batumi. Although realization of the fuel without customs clearance was banned on the territory of Georgia, the representatives of Metallic Ltd., with some people's help and forged documents, were able to remove the fuel from the reservoirs, violating custom rules and sell it.

The investigation is currently underway. If considered guilty, the suspects may face imprisonment from three to eleven years. (Rustavi 2)

Winners of International Competition "Aliante 2010"Awarded

First Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Akaki Seperteladze presented the15 winners of the international competition Aliante 2010 with portable computers at MES. The competition was organized by the NGO "New Generation – New Initiative".

Aliante is an international competition. Youth from different countries reveal their knowledge about NATO, safety and international relations. For the first time in the history of the competition, this year the final round was held in Georgia – a country that is not a member of NATO.

Teams who won their national competitions competed in an international final round. 40 youngsters from Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Montenegro, Georgia, Czech Republic and Slovakia participated.

The 2010 Aliante international final was held on June 28 - July 1 at Sachkhere mountain-training school. Participants had to complete an intellectual test as well as overcome physical resistance. The 7 teams with the best results were chosen as the winners. 5 were Georgian teams and therefore Georgia took first place among the winners.

The Georgian winners spent 10 days in Poland together with their foreign peers. They were in Poland from July 26 until August 4. They visited the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Poland as well as the Joint Staff of Poland in Warsaw. The guests also visited NATO Joint Force Training Centre in Bydgoszcz and Air Force Bases.

The project was implemented with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, NATO Information Centre NATO, the Ministry of Defence of Georgia, Office of the State Minister of Georgia on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Sachkhere mountain-training base, Ilia State University and Tbilisi City Hall. (Interpressnews)

Fire Burns 50 Summer Cottages in Village Kumisi

Yesterday’s fire in Kumisi village, Gardabani region destroyed 50 summer cottages. Nobody was injured.

High temperatures are said to be the cause of fire. 7 fire brigades of Gardabani, Rustavi, Marneuli and Tbilisi fire fighters were extinguishing fire for 4 hours last night.

The fire brigades say they were delayed due to problems of the village road.

The village is now without electricity, as transformers and electricity transmission lines were damaged by the fire.

Gardabani municipality deputy governor Manuchar Jokhadze and Tetri Tskaro governor Giorgi Daushvili were on the ground yesterday. They stated, a commission would be set up to assess the damage inflicted by fire and home-owners will receive compensation. (Interpressnews)