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Tuesday, August 10
Sandro Bregadze: A change in government needs the opposition to change

Member of the Freedom political party, Sandro Bregadze says in his interview to Akhali Taoba that today Georgia has a government controlled by the USA, while on the other hand Russia wants to have a power within the Georgian government that it could control. “It is unacceptable for me to have puppet government; it does not matter under whose control it might be. Today Georgia needs a national and true Georgian government,” Bregadze says.

“The authorities should be changed here by elections. I am unable to say whether this autumn will be politically a hot season. If we want to change government, first the opposition should change. I do not know what many members of the opposition do, but there are certain opposition forces which could make effective and important steps,” Bregadze continues.

“I know Saakashvili has a strong will to stay in authority but it would be better for him not to make this step. I also want to fly into space but I cannot do it. If ‘Putinisation’ occurs here, political processes will not be under control.”

Nino Burjanadze: Luka Kurtanidze was dismissed because he was my friend

About 2 months ago the well known wrestler, Luka Kurtanidze joined my party, after which the Sport Department told him to choose between Burjanadze’s friendship and his job, Nino Burjanadze states in her interview with Kviris Palitra. Representatives of Sport department told him that they did not want his hard work if he was a friend of undesirable people.

Kurtanidze left his job; we only heard that news after two weeks. Before approaching the opposition, Kurtanidze was asked to participate in sport competition which should take place in the Sports' Palace. They also asked him to use his contacts to persuade the FILA leadership to hold the next wrestling competition in Batumi. In the Sports' Palace competition Kurtanidze won a silver medal; he also managed to persuade FILA to hold the next championship in Batumi. Now, Kurtanidze would be competing in a championship in August abroad. However the Sport Department have informed him they have no financial resources for pro-opposition sportsmen.

Burjanadze says that similar events have occurred elsewhere. “My son studies in the 53rd public school and his class were not given certificates for successful completion of the year despite the fact they were successful in their studies. At a staff meeting my son’s teacher was told that they were not to give this class certificates as the teacher and her pupils were pro-opposition,” Burjanadze claims.