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How do you think Russia's ban on export wheat will influence bread prices in Georgia?

Tuesday, August 10
As the Minister of Agriculture said no increase on bread price is expected. I hope that he will keep his promise.
Zaal, Engineer, 34

I think that yes. I do not suppose that Georgia has enough supply of wheat in the country. Our Government has denied there will be any price increase, but it was also mentioned that was only for the summer period. As for from autumn, no-one has said that the present price will be preserved.
Natia, Manager, 29

It is very regrettable that we are dependent on foreign imports in this field, when Georgia has significant means to produce enough wheat supply inside the country. However, not enough attention is paid to agriculture in Georgia. I expect that this fact will influence on bread price.
Nodar, Economist, 41

It is difficult to comment, political and economic situations change very quickly. I hope that our authorities manage to maintain bread prices.
Eka, Student, 25

Well actually I always thought that at least the wheat in our country was localÖIím a bit disappointed now but I hope we will deal with the increase as usual.
Sopho, Interpreter, 21

Russia's ban on exports is not a new topic for our Government and society. I think we have become used to such events. Besides there are lots of our so-called friend countries which I hope will support us.
Merab, Driver, 36

There is one question I have about this issue Ė why canít Georgia develop its agriculture and ensure food safety? If anyone can answer my question, Iíll try to give comments on your question. But for now I just wish we could create the necessary environment for being completely independent of foreign assistance even in the agricultural sector.
Guliko, Pensioner, 68