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Armenia to synchronise its energy systems

By Messenger Staff
Friday, August 27
Armenia is going to synchronise its energy supply systems with Iran, Russia and Georgia. This was announced by Armenia’s Minister of Energy and National Resources Areg Galstyan. According to Galstyan, with Georgia and Russia a similar system of synchronisation to that which existed during soviet times should be reconstructed and Yerevan wants Iran to join this system. This kind of synchronised cooperation ceased functioning over the last few years, but there are works underway to reanimate the old system. A feasibility study is almost complete and investors have been found. German Investment Bank KfW will allot Euro 20 million for construction of additional lines. The work that began in 2007 was disrupted because of the war in Georgia, but now it has resumed again. An agreement was signed between Georgia and Armenia on the 2011 construction of a new electricity line - Ksani-Razdan; construction however started this year and is already underway.