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Compiled by Mzia Kupunia
Friday, August 27
Tbilisi Mayor’s Office accused of inappropriate distribution of the city budget

Zurab Abashidze, member of Tbilisi City Council from Irakli Alsania’s Free Democrats-United Georgia Party accused Tbilisi Mayor’s Office of spending 79 percent of the city budget inappropriately, 24 Saati reports. According to Abashidze, the income and the expenses of 2010 city budget were “intentionally planned disproportionately.” “As a result, 70 percent of the total budget was spent in 6 months,” he said.

Overall, Tbilisi Mayor’s office has spent GEL 459 million in the last 6 months, including GEL 13 million on healthcare, GEL 73 million on social security, and GEL 21 million on education, Abashidze told journalists at special press conference. “An example of non-priority spending is the money spent on municipal economies (GEL 48. 9 million), which increased by GEL 12 million during the last 6 months, while during the same period the social budget decreased by GEL 11 million,” he noted. “Despite Ugulava's promise, the city budget has not been spent on the welfare of Tbilisi residents, but on obscure projects,” he added. Abashidze suggested that the abovementioned funds could have been spent for Gigi Ugulava’s election campaign.

The City Hall member criticized Mayor’s Office for failing to present the city healthcare and social policy plan. “Ugulava’s 120-day program exists only verbally. So, I propose that the Mayor’s Office and the City Hall use Irakli Alasania’s healthcare programme, which is planned in infinite details, in 2011,” Abashidze said.

Gas prises might rise

Russian company Gazprom has not ruled out the possibility of increasing the price of natural gas, Sakartvelos Rrespublika reports. Following this statement, German gas companies have also announced about the possibility of raising gas prices from the autumn. Representatives of Gazprom say that prices will increase gradually until they reach the level they were at prior to the world financial crisis. If the predictions of Gazprom officials come true, the price of gas will presumably be double the current price. German gas companies are planning a 20 percent price rise by the autumn. Meanwhile Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev said, Gazprom is going to increase its share in the European market by 30 percent.

Kokoity’s brother deprived of property ‘bought’ in Abkhazia

The de facto Abkhazian authorities have refused Robert Kokoity, brother of de facto South Ossetian President, Eduard Kokoity, to return to the property purchased in Abkhazia, Sakartvelos Respublika reports. According to Ossetian media outlets, Robert Kokoity purchased the property in Abkhazia while he was a so called South Ossetia’s “ambassador” to Sukhumi. However, after his “diplomatic” activities ended, the de facto Abkhazian government confiscated the property of brother of the so called South Ossetian leader. The de facto Abkhazian authorities have also refused to register the property of Russian citizens in Abkhazia.