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What should the first step be to regulate Georgian-Russian relations?

Friday, August 27
Well actually Iím at a loss from so many changes in the attitudes of our oppositional spectrum over the last several years so that I doubt whether Iíll join the rallies or not. But one thing I can tell you is that our Government needs to be changed and itís up to people to decide how to act.
Irakli, Driver, 45

I will not, I am really fed up with those street rallies. Additionally I do not believe in our opposition parties. It would be better for them to behave reasonably and fight for peopleís interest when it is needed.
Nika, Bank employee, 28

It is difficult for me to say this, I have not decided yet. There are some areas in our life which are given more attention by the authorities; however there are some significant ones that are ignored, like the unemployment problem, fees and others.
Natia, Housewife, 34

Yes, I will take part, as I can see no other way. I am a refugee and IDPís rights are seriously violated by the authority, they are virtually leaving us in the street. Also prices on every day items are increasing so much, that very soon we will die from starvation.
Malkhaz, Refugee, 56

Well actually I think that the protest rallies have become too formal in our country. I mean there has been a great wave of rallies in previous years with familiar demands but somehow they were all failures.
Laura, Teacher, 30

I will not because I am more than convinced that my efforts will not bring about even the slightest change both to my personal life and the overall situation in Georgia. Protests may have a meaning when people have a genuinely elected Government which they can influence through their votes. But when the Government and its budget have nothing to do with the public there is no sense in trying to mobilise those people and try to change the Governmentís policy.
Davit, Lawyer, 47

I donít like protest rallies at all and I always keep away from joining such manifestations even if I agree with their demands.
Nino, Manager, 25

No I'm not going to join such protest actions, as they provide no effects and there are no results of such protests in the street. Nothing changes.
Inna, Translator, 22