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Protecting Georgia's environment

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, August 31
The National Agency for Environment Protection reports that there are currently a number of different threats from an environmental point of view. There are 53 000 sites demonstrating signs of possible landslide have been identified. The total area under threat is 1.5 million hectares. Landslide threats exist near water reservoirs, as well as motorways. The situation is extremely critical in Kakheti region, which last year suffered losses of around GEL 15 million. Other threats have also been identified in Kakheti- the results of various natural disasters such as rains, floods or geological processes. Statistics show that there are also human casualties and that recently a new term 'eco-emigrant' has become common. Several villages have completely disappeared with their inhabitants being forced to move elsewhere. Analysts express their concern at the dramatically decreasing amount of money allotted for preventive works in the state budget. In 2009 the amount for bank protection works was GEL 9 million, for 2010 it has been reduced to GEL 1.8 million. In reality the results of disaster are increasing.