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Plato is my friend, but…

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, August 31
Newly elected Polish President Bronislaw Komorovsky in his interview to the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita stated that he would not travel abroad just because the Georgian President wants him to do so. The mood expressed in his interview regarding Georgia gave grounds for much speculation. It is likely that Georgia will not have such a cordial attitude from the Polish leadership as during the leadership of the late President, Lech Kaczynski.

Particularly happy and sarcastic, the Russian media highlighted the apparent distancing of Poland from Georgia. The Georgians however are really quite upset, although they have not commented much about the issue. Lech Kaczynski was a very direct supporter of Georgia and a promoter of the policy to reveal Russia as an aggressor and an imperialist. He, together with three other leaders from other countries came to Tbilisi while Russian planes were still bombing Georgia; he also visited Georgia after the war. Kaczynski's death was a tragedy.

The newly elected Komorovsky has expressed (incidentally very unexpectedly), a very different attitude towards Georgia. Moscow has taken this as a sign that Poland does not want any political confrontation with Russia and the fact is greatly welcomed by the official Kremlin. However, not everybody in Poland appreciates Komorovsky's new policy towards Georgia. A former high ranking official in the Polish government, Anna Fotyga resigned citing the change of Poland's position towards Georgia as the reason for the resignation.

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for European Integration, Davit Darchiashvili has tried to soften Komorovsky’s statement, saying that Komorovsky’s words were not translated properly. According to Darchiashvili, Komorovsky meant there would be no personal feelings and involvement as with Kaczynski. Nevertheless there are some interests that will determine Polish relations with other countries and with Georgia. It means that President Komorovsky has distanced his country from ours but Poland remains a friend of Georgia, just as it is friends with many countries in the west and around the world. Komorovsky emphasised that Poland supports Georgia’s territorial integrity and even criticised Moscow for deploying its anti-aircraft missiles in Abkhazia. However, Komorovsky also criticised Georgia for its expanding “militaristic moves.”

Following the death of Lech Kaczynski, there was some rivalry for the presidency between his twin brother and Komorovsky, during which time many commented that the latter is pro-Russian. So there should be no doubt that after winning the presidency, Komorovsky is showing where his sympathies lie. Nothing was unexpected. Therefore, we should face reality – Poland is our friend but reality is different.