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What do you think of the attitude of the new Polish President towards Georgia?

Tuesday, August 31
It is a very common fact, to my mind, when a country's leader changes, its political direction and priorities might be changed as well. For example, Bush was more attentive towards Georgia than Obama; Komorovskyís policy also differs from Kaczynskiís attitude.
Natela, Sociologist, 43

To tell the truth, I am really disappointed with the present Polish Presidentís statements regarding Georgia. Unfortunately, we have lost a very important ally. I can remember the August 2008 events when Polish President Kaczynski arrived in Georgia under serious threat and stood with us; it was the bravest step from him. I don't suppose Komorovsky will act like this.
Davit, Historian, 61

I was not surprised by this statement, it has often been mentioned that Komarovsky is pro Russian and when he became the President there was no need to hide his pro Russian orientation, which is not profitable for us, of course. Poland will no longer support Georgia as before, when Kaczinsky was the President.
Gela, Musician, 28

It means I think, Polandís very friendly attitude towards Georgia has changed with the newly elected President. I suppose Poland will be a friendly country again, however not our ally.
Giorgi, Painter, 39

Well a new President means a new policy itself. I mean that we - people - are unlike each other even in our ordinary lives when the case is much harder. The new Polish President seems to have different political values and he prefers to be distanced from the Georgian Government thatís all. Everyone has his choice.
Ketevan, teacher, 44

ďI think it means that politics has not so much to do with friendship. Polish-Georgian relations should be based on mutual interests rather than on friendly relations.Ē
Gaga, PR specialist, 25

ďIt might mean that Russia has started talking pressing Poland. I donít see any other reason why the new president of Poland had to make such statement. I donít think that it is a tragedy for Georgia, but would be nice to maintain friendly relations with Warsaw.Ē
Natia, Lawyer, 29

ďI donít think that we should pay so much attention to every single word said by any leader about relations with Georgia. I think we have already become paranoid on this issue. Georgia has good relations with the majority of the states in the world and so we can relax.Ē
Irakli, Unemployed, 26