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Monday, September 6
Akhalgori under Moscow's direct control

Rezonansi reports that de facto president of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity visited Akhalgori last week. He went to the military town which is being constructed in the region. Kokoity was accompanied by the Secretary of Russia's Security Council, Nikolay Patrushev. All the roads were closed for their visit to Akhalgori and the territory was under the special control of the Russians.

“Patrushev did not visit Akhalgori just by chance. Akhalgori was separated by Tskhinvali and it is now under full control of the Moscow budget. Moscow itself tries to help Akhalgori as it is precious to Moscow,” one of the residents of Akhalgori told the paper.

Following the visit, it became apparent that Moscow will significantly increase its funding to Akhalgori.

“Akahlgori is very valuable to Moscow and strategically important for Russia, because it is very near to Tbilisi. So, it is not surprising that Moscow s increasing its financing, making Akhalgori directly dependent on Moscow. I will not be surprised if Russia sends additional military forces there,” analyst Giorgi Khutsishvili said.

Another Russia-Georgia war film

24 Hours write that Director and Producer Janik Faysiev will shoot a film about the Russia- Georgia war of 2008. The Ossetian media reports that the film will be titled ‘August 8’.

“For us, as well as every person this is unhappiness which is a tragedy for both sides. We try to make a pacifistic film and try not to show either side neither in a good or bad light. We are not making a political film. We will show the trouble, the people and their destiny,” the director stated.

Filming has not yet begun. This will be one of the first projects of the Glavkino Production Company; the movie will be financed from Moscow.

CDM demands structural reforming

The Christian Democratic Movement of Georgia calls upon the government to divide the Ministry of Health, Social Care and Labour into two separate ministries - Magda Anikashvili of the party voiced the initiative of the opposition faction at a briefing on Friday, 24 Hours reports.

The MP says the issue has been on the agenda of the party since they won seats in Parliament. She said radical changes should be carried out to increase efficiency in the ministry's work.

According to Anikashvili, the ministry was an artificially formed giant, which has failed to fulfill the obligations, especially, when it has insufficient funding.

Therefore, the CDM demands an increase in funding for the ministry and the formation of a family employment and social protection ministry.