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How has the increase in prices on every day items affected your family?

Monday, September 6
To tell the truth this irritates me very much. When there are natural means in the country to have enough supply of wheat, why should we depend on foreign markets? Also, there is no mechanism in the country to help balance the prices of every day items.
Gia, Economist, 54

It has a very negative influence, of course. I have to pay significant part of my salary on every day items as I have a big family and no one apart from me in my family works. No one thinks about the people, prices on everything, not just every day items are too high, when the salaries are insignificant, it is unjust.
Temur, Computer programmer, 34

When you have to pay nearly GEL 5 for a bottle of oil, is it normal? I do not talk about the bread price. When the economic situation in the country is so hard, our authorities talk about how advanced and developed a country Georgia is. It is really funny. The President’s meeting with the officials on the wheat issue really made me angry. When situation is strained and prices are rising, Saakashvili talks that Georgia could produce enough supply of wheat, where have they been till now?
Tamar, Teacher, 41

“I will find out about how my expenses have gone up by the end of the month. Right now it is quite hard to calculate, but of course we will spend more on food than we used to. I hope that the situation will get back to normal soon.”
Lali, Office manager, 40

“I was at the market yesterday and the prices were significantly higher than before on almost every product. If the prices continue to rise, we will end up in a very difficult situation. The government must do something to avoid this.”
Nana, Housewife, 38

“This price rice has not affected my family budget so much so far, because it is less than a month since the prices started going up. I hope the prices of most of the products will remain stable.”
Gocha, Driver, 28

“Oh it is such an embarrassing fact! We can hardly get used to one particular change in price that it is still increasing in the same week. I can’t deal with such high prices on the most needed food – it’s so terrible.”
Elene, Pensioner, 72