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Do you think there will be military confrontation between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Karabakh in the near future?

Tuesday, September 14
I think that yes, the situation is getting more and more strained between the countries. Signs of such confrontation are already obvious, I think.
Nika, Musician, 35

It is very difficult to make some prognoses beforehand. What I can say is that, at the present moment, the threat of such confrontation exists. Everything depends on the sides and how sensibly they will act.
Natia, Teacher, 29

I hope that no military confrontation will take place between the countries, as that confrontation will also impact negatively on Georgia. We live in the same region and military confrontation among the neighboring countries is not in our interest. However, I think that such confrontation will be in the interest of Russia.
Nikoloz, Historian, 54

Well it will actually be difficult for me to make some suggestions about the Karabakh issues because it is quite a difficult thing to discuss in a few words. This region has been the issue for conflict situation between Armenia and Azerbaijan as far as I can remember so I doubt they will ever manage to solve the problem without the military confrontation.
Elene, Sociologist, 28

I hope there wont be any military confrontation between the sides around the issue but still I doubt that the conflict can be at all solved in near future.
Irakli, Lawyer, 48

"I think that Russia is using the Karabakh issue to hold both of the countries under its control. I wonder if Azeri and Armenian authorities will ever try to overcome the influence of Russia and to solve the conflict on their own.
Gela, student, 24

I have no idea. I do not follow the news from those two countries. However I hope that there will be no military confrontation in the Caucasus region neither in the near or the distant future.
Keto, housewife, 46

I dont think it is in the interests of either Armenia or Azerbaijan to start a military conflict. But who knows? Anything may happen. Although I think it is very unlikely that Armenia and Azerbaijan would start a war against each other.
Tamazi, engineer, 39