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What do you think of the changes and news concerning the educational system?

Thursday, September 16
I can say that there is some positives news. First of all, resource officers being at schools. I think that this will reduce crime in adults. I welcome foreign English teachers as well, as it is different and more useful when the local teaches you English. I do not agree with usage of laptops by the first form pupils though.
Natia, Manager, 24

I think that the innovations at the educational system are an essential part of school life. I fully welcome the foreign teachers' engagement and the fact that the pupils will have an opportunity to learn English from their first year at school.
Salome, Interpreter, 23

Well I don’t like the changes in the educational system in our country. I think that the schools have become more prison-like rather than an educational institution. I think that the children should be free in getting knowledge.
Irakli, pupil, 16

I think that the educational system needs serious reform and I welcome steps in this direction. More changes are needed related to technical subjects and the fact that the pupils of 12th form will have to pass exams in all subjects will improve situation in this direction.
Nona, Economist, 39

Some positive innovations have been adopted, I can see this. However I do not agree with the English language’s popularization. I do not want, in the near future, the Georgian young generation to use English words instead of Georgian, like it was with Russian in the period of the Soviet Union. Innovations are acceptable, but only in the frame of our language and traditions.
Giorgi, Historian, 51

“I don’t really understand all those changes, but what I understand is that such frequent reforms will only damage the system.”
Natia, lawyer, 26

“I like the idea of teaching computer skills and languages to the first graders. Young people learn things more easily. I really support this initiative.”
Lela, accountant, 52

“If they keep reforming the education system every year, in the end we will have big chaos instead of efficient education institutions. There should be a limit, otherwise it gets crazy. I hope these experiments will end one day.”
Vazha, engineer, 44