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Do you think, The Hague international Court will decide Russian-Georgian case, in our favour?

Monday, September 20
Well, this is a very complicated issue. It depends on how justly the process will be carried out. If there will be no pressure on judges; the court will adopt an impartial decision, meaning a profitable decision for Georgia.
Nutsa, Economist, 34

From a judicial point of view, Georgia is on the right side and I wait for a just decision from the court. Of course, there will be some pressure on the court, from the Russian side, but I believe in that the process will end successfully for us.
Tamar, Lawyer, 28

The most important thing is the practical outcome, I believe. The International community recognizes that Georgian territories are being occupied; however their recognitions are not reflected in the real picture. Even in the event that the court delivers a pro Georgian decision, I do not expect this to result in practical changes.
Tamaz, Painter, 54

“There is a high possibility for this though I don’t think that will influence Russia. They don’t care for the public opinion; they do only as they please.”
Nino, Interpreter, 23

“I think The Hague Court will decide the case in our favor, not because of its lawyers’ impartiality but because the Russian intervention was so obvious in 2008. It is natural that both sides claim their innocence but the whole world has faced the truth that the Russian helicopters bombed the Georgian territories. What did Georgia have to do? Sit and wait?”
Akaki, Lawyer, 44

“It’s a matter of fact that the Court will need much time to make the precise judgment. Both sides have provided the international lawyers with a detailed analysis of their versions about the Georgian-Russian August War of 2008. So the specialists will have to relevantly familiarize themselves with the issue to be completely impartial and avoid any following complications.”
Irakli, Lecturer, 47

“I am sure it will, because Georgia has all the arguments. No matter how the Russian side tries to avoid the accusations of Tbilisi, the International Court will abide by the international law norms and make the right decision in favor of Georgia.”
Nana, journalist, 25

“It is very hard to predict anything. However, I think that the crimes perpetrated in Georgia by Putin and Medvedev will not remain unpunished and the truth will win.”
Marina, housewife, 47

“Let’s not be hasty. As far as I know, the court might need several months to announce the final decision. So, let’s wait and see.”
Vazha, businessman, 55