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Chechen leader devoted to Putin, not Russia

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, September 22 American analyst Swant Cornell has stated that Chechen leader Ramzan Kadirov is loyal not to the Russian state but to Premier Minister Vladimir Putin. He concludes that as a PM, Putin suppressed military resistance in the North Caucasus, but separatist tendencies are not completely exhausted. In solving multiple problems in the north Caucasus region, the Russian federation authorities made their bid on the local autocratic rule. Ramzan Kadirov, head of Chechen republic exercises absolute power in Chechnya, granted to him because of his personal contribution. Cornell thinks that such stability is very short-lived generally, as it is based not on the systemic approach but on individuals which, in the north Caucasus, change quite quickly. As for the South Caucasus, Russia wants destablisation in this region and is doing its best to hinder resolution of local conflicts there.