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Wednesday, September 22
Should Georgia recognize Independence of Cherkezya?

Rezonansi reports that the issue of Russia’s recognition of Cherkezyan genocide is being assessed by that Georgian parliament and the matter will be discussed at its autumn session. MP Nugzar Tsiklauri says that Chechen, Cherkezyan and Ingush encouraged them to recognize ethnic cleansing by the Russians, and added that the commission has scientific proof that ethnicity was a reason for the physical destruction of Cherkezians by Russians. Tsikhaluri says that this issue is being studied by American and European scholars. After they have reached their conclusions, a final decision will be made on whether to recognize the alleged genocide of Cherkezyans. It should be noted that no state has recognized the genocide yet.

“I’m not supportive of Georgia;s decision to recognize the genocide of Cherkezyans. Georgia was the first which voiced this initiative and used the term ‘genocide’. The world hesitated to use this word and Georgia’s statement caused a big fuss. Cherkez did not expect this from Georgia and they had a hope it will recognize the genocide. However, after voicing this initiative, the Georgian side became quiet and the process has been suspended,” Analyst in Caucasian issues Mamuka Areshidze said.

“I do not think recognizing their genocide is a good idea, because after it Armenians will ask us why do we not recognize their genocide. For us it will be hard to recognize Armenian's genocide because it would worsen relations with Turkey. The same applies for the Ingush and Chechens. Once again I can say that the term ‘genocide’ should not be used and those events which took place with those nations should be acknowledged as ‘tragedies’, Areshidze said.

Tskhinvali population address Lukashenko

Signatures have started to be gathered in Tskhinvali to ask Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko to recognize the independence of South Ossetia, Rezonansi reports. Signature gathering began at an event dedicated to 2 year anniversary of so called Independence Day where an organization named “New People” organized a signing ceremony and gathered roughly 1000 signatures.

“We, the residents of South Ossetia address you, as our ally and our ally's president. Our people have a right to decide for themselves their fate, but to implement it, we need support. Without recognition of the International community, we will not be able to develop our economy, social sphere and free movement out of our republic. We, the residents of South Ossetia ask you to support the democratic will of our people and recognize independence of South Ossetia,” the statement reads.