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Thursday, September 23
Georgian opposition is a victim of suicide

In his interview to Versia, Republican Davit Zurabishvili says that it is impossible to create a strong, liberal, pro western opposition party in the near future.

Various opposition political parties have different opinions on their future plans such as protest rallies, consultations, snap elections, improvement of election environment and cooperation with authorities. However, republicans say that snap elections are not the ideal way to solve this problem because “If elections are held today then of course the government will win. That is the situation today. Saakashvili has more power than he has ever had. He is able to change everything in a minute. He can dismiss high officials in a minute and make them ordinary people. He is not a stupid guy; he managed to create a system which works for him When he says something wrong they try to spin it differently.

Occupants suspend broadcast of Georgian TV and radio in Gali

24 Hours report that Russian occupants have suspended the Georgian TV and Radio broadcast in the Gali district of occupied Abkhazia, Georgia. The authorities of the Abkhazian legal government have reported that Russian soldiers removed all four radio and TV receivers.

They called upon the international organizations to respond to the violence by the Russian occupant forces in that part of the conflict region, which is populated by ethnic Georgians.

The National Communication Regulatory Commission has condemned the move as a criminal act.

Mikheil Saakashvili considers that Putin has street authority mentality

The President of Georgia gave an interview to Ksenia Sobchak and Ksenia Sokolova which will be published in the famous magazine GQ in September, 24 Hours reports. Sobchak and Sokolova were in Georgia during the summer for three days.

‘Putin, on some issues, has street authority mentality while I have always been the leader, the best pupil at school etc’, President stated.

The Interview headline is ‘A bomb’. The magazine’s web page has already made an announcement about the interview.

The interview has photos of Saakashvili’s residence, night-time Tbilisi, a flight to Batumi and disco club where the President was in attendance.