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Will you take part in street rallies if they start in autumn?

Thursday, September 23
I do not expect any, as Georgian people do not believe in the opposition. It will take time for the opposition to recover the Georgian citizens’ trust.
Giga, Manager, 34

Nothing can be ruled out. It depends on how the authority will act and what decisions they will make. If the authorities ignore Georgians' interests and demands, street rallies will be possible.
Giorgi, worker,26

I do not support street rallies and I hope there will be no street rallies in Georgia any more. Herewith, at the present moment, Georgians will not follow the opposition, I think, as they have made serious mistakes and people still remember those mistakes very well.
Natela, Teacher, 43

“I used to go to the opposition rallies quite often, however I am quite disillusioned now and not planning to join rallies any more. The opposition has shown that they are not capable of achieving any tangible results.”
Marina, accountant, 56

“I don’t think the opposition will start rallying this autumn. They have exhausted their chances. Saakashvili has strengthened his political position. The rallies will bring nothing. And we do not want to become a country of permanent rallies and unrest.”
Lali, office manager, 30

“A lot of people will join, including me. First of all because of social problems – many of us lost jobs due to the ban on street trade. While our government is traveling from country to country, we do not know how to feed our families.”
Tamazi, unemployed, 48

I think I will…Despite the disappointment in our opposition during previous years I still try to trust them and follow their steps. I hope they will manage to unite around the same issue and encourage the society with their motivation.
Elene, pensioner, 68

I doubt I will ever join such rallies. I don’t actually like how the Government of Georgia is filling us with lies about the successful economical development in our country; I hate them giving silly data about our success in business making, etc but still I think that the Georgian opposition has betrayed the people so many times that the autumn rallies (if they will actually take place) will bring no changes.
Anna, psychologist, 28