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What do you think about Saakashvili’s proposal on united Caucasus?

Monday, September 27
To be honest, I think it is unimaginable, for several reasons. When one talks on unification, he should also mention the basis on which this unification might function. Caucasus and Caucasian countries are very diverse, from ideology, to customs and traditions. Herewith, such unification will face serious obstacles in the form of Russia and its interests in the region.
Giorgi, Sociologist, 41

As far as I know, Saakashvili has once mentioned confederation with Azerbaijan, which would be profitable, to my mind. As for the whole Caucasus, it is a very complicated issue and it will be extremely difficult for this statement to come true.
Natia, Teacher, 34

It was really a very funny statement. He is the President and he should know more than I do. If you state that the Caucasus should be united, it means that you are opposing Russia first of all, as Russian interests in the region are obvious. In the beginning I mentioned the word funny, however such statements are more dangerous in general, than funny.
Tamaz, Pensioner, 61

I think that our President has become deeply affected by dreams…I used to think why can’t we all have some positive ideas sometimes? But I can’t unfortunately deal with the question of why all these “innovated” ideas are needed? I miss my country, my capital as it used to be years ago and I can do nothing to get my past back.
Marina, Musician, 50

The idea of the United Caucasus seems so inspiring…But does the world society need a new unity after the dissolution of the Soviet Union? I doubt that the countries with different values will ever manage to deal with one another under a unity…
Ilia, Lawyer, 26

“I did not really understand what exactly he meant and how exactly he is going to achieve that. This idea seems quite unrealistic in the current situation.”
Maka, accountant, 24

“Does Misha want us to join united Caucasus instead of the EU. This idea seems too funny to comment on seriously. There are a lot of conflicts in the Caucasus – both in the North and the South. How is the Georgian president going to solve them when he has to solve two conflicts in his own country?”
Zura, journalist, 27

“It is an interesting idea. But Saakashvili should give specific details of his initiative. It will be very disappointing if the idea remains on the paper only. Of course he will need the support of other Caucasus states as well as the rest of the international society to achieve the goal of a united Caucasus.”
Keti, PR specialist, 36