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Tbilisi to start restoring tramways

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, October 21
President Saakashvili has promised to restore tramway lines in Tbilisi. He believes that this will provide ecologically clean, safe and efficient transportation within the city. The announcement was rather surprising for those who remember that, after the rose revolution, one of the early reforms was the abolition of electric transport trams and trolley buses in Tbilisi from December 2006. Instead, motor buses were introduced, widely referred to as ‘yellow buses’.

According to information released in April 2010, there are around 900 hundred yellow buses in Tbilisi, which altogether cost more than GEL 64 million. Every year, the mayor's office spends GEL 29 million on diesel fuel for these buses. Of course, they pollute the air in the city and what is most significant is that the revenues acquired from the buses do not cover their costs. Tbilisi citizens are curious as to why the electric transport system was abolished four years ago. City authorities insist that the old tramway tracks were obsolete and instead new rails will be laid down as well as new European standard wagons. It is understood that the restoration of tram lines in Tbilisi will cost up to Euro 25 million.