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Thursday, October 21
Why does Davit Gamkrelidze exclude street rallies?

Sakartvelos Respublika writes that on October 19 Davit Gamkrelidze, leader of the New Rights party, during his meeting with journalists talked about the improvement of the elections environment and outlined what his party will do if the authorities do nothing to improve the situation.

“Everyone is talking about the improvement of the elections environment including international organizations, Diplomatic corps, and Georgian society. We do our job separately but for our country’s better future we will manage to cooperate with our colleagues in the opposition parties. We are ready to do more in this field, but first of all we need the authorities to agree to our demands. Now we are just waiting for an answer, our major goal is to create a free and fair elections environment,” Gamkrelidze said.

“These elections should do its best to change the leadership. Society does not believe this will happen but the possibility is real. We have frequent meetings with people and introduce our plan which will guarantee that the elections will pass without any violence in the future,” the New Rights leader said, adding that he “excludes street protest rallies at this stage.”

“One of the biggest problems remains the elections lists, where there are the names of dead people or those who have been living abroad for a long time. There are cases when the opposition supporters are not in the elections list and when they ask to put their names in the list in order to take part in the elections, for unknown reasons, they are being refused,” Gamkrelidze said.

Georgia Enters World Wine Trade Group

Georgia has become a member of the World Wine Trade Group, according to The Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, 24 Hours reports

The agreement was signed by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Malkhaz Akishbaia in Mendoza, Argentina.

As the Ministry announced, the World Wind Trade Group endeavours to provide better access to the international wine markets. According to the agreement, Georgia will not have obstacles in exporting its product to USA and Canada markets.

‘I want to congratulate all Georgian winemakers with Georgia’s integration to this group. This is not only advantageous in terms of trade with various states, but it is important with respect to attracting investment, ‘Minister of Agriculture Bakur Kvezereli states.

China will become a member of the group after Georgia. Participants of the organization are US, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Australia and New Zealand.