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Will Saakashvili become PM after his presidential term expires?

Thursday, October 21
I am sure that he will be the prime minister of Georgia after his presidential term expires. As he is an extremely active person and it is unimaginable for me that he would choose some inert way of life. He is the leader and he has already done his best to create a chance to stay in power.
Giorgi, PR Manager, 34

It is difficult to say what will happen after 2013, as everything can change in a minute. From a long term perspective, I think that he will stay in politics after his presidency, however whether he becomes PM or some other official, is hard for me to forecast.
Natia, Doctor, 45

I think that he will be, especially when the new constitution of Georgia enables him to take such a post. As far as I know, based on the changes in the country's constitution, the Prime Minister is the most powerful person, so practically; it would be the third term for Saakashvili.
Zurab, Architect, 56

“If the political situation in our country remains unchanged and the whole authority will be fully distributed among the one unique ruling party, Saakashvili will manage to receive the position of the PM supported by his party.”
Lika, Dentist, 29

“Saakashvili definitely aims to become the PM… I would like to encourage the opposition parties to create groups composed of trustful people so that they would all vote within their neighborhood. I mean this method would ensure the impartiality of the election process which are generally violated by the ruling party.”
Laura, Pensioner, 68

“Everything in our country is being controlled by the United National Movement. There is no question that Saakashvili will become the PM, it is simply a matter of time. Saakashvili, with his so-called familiarity, has managed to charm so many ordinary people he will always have enough supporters for any position.”
Giorgi, Engineer, 46

I think so. He is obviously following the steps of Vladimir Putin – his main political rival. I think all the talk of democracy blooming in Georgia will defuse if Saakashvili becomes a Prime Minister after 2013.”
Tatia, interpreter, 29

“Of course he will – the newly adopted constitution is proof for this. He is not planning to give up a leading role in Georgia so easily. He will be a Prime Minister holding more power than a President.”
Zviad, lawyer, 34

“He said that he does not exclude this option. However who knows what will happen between now and 2013. Let’s wait and see. The possibility of him becoming a PM after his presidential term expires is quite high.”
Khatia, unemployed, 22